Donnerstag, 4. August 2016

SYW - Austrian artillery

My project to get all Armys of the SYW in 1/72 scale get a new step. In Cooperation with Stanislaw Czarnecki (guns) and Giuseppe Condorelli (Figure) we manage to complete the Austrian Artillery.
In the time of the SYW the Austrian artillery consists the following guns:

1. 3   pounder regimental gun
2. 6   pounder gun
3. 7   pounder howitzer
4. 12 pounder gun
5. 24 pounder Siege gun
For transport the guns are travelled with a Y-frame limber by different number of horses:

1. 3   pounder = 2 horses in tandem
2. 6   pounder = 4 horses
3. 7   pounder = 4 horses
4. 12 pounder = 6 horses
5. 24 pounder = 8 horses.
Because of this , I decide that the guns (ex the 3 pounder) will be packed with the needed limber, and the crew will come separate. The horses of the horse team come with the needed ride trooper in sets of 2 and 4 horses, so you could combine each needed horseteam. 
The 3 pounder come directly with the limber (different from the other) and 2 horses + 1 rider.

Here now the photo of this models, first the 3 pounder , complete with a team of 4  trooper.

In the moment we are missing the 24 pounder siege gun and the 2 sets Artillery, the first command "Fire" , and the second command "Loading". Here photo of the first master figure for this sets.

The 24 pounder, the horse team and some supply wagon will follow at the end of this Year. Hope that you could use this gun in your Austrian army SYW. 
When in stock , you find the Austrian Artillery SYW in my webshop:


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  1. Great job, wonderful yellow colors!

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