Sonntag, 17. Mai 2015

Italian Outpost in Lybia 1941

just working on a small diorama to introduce some of my figure Italian Army WW II. in the desert.
Up to now we have 2 sets in production at Germania Figuren®, both mastered from Stefano De Rensis.
In the last time I prefer building Dioramas in a Picture Frame. removing the glass and build up the terain from plaster and sand, directly coloured in a dark brown. The house, the fountain and the walls directly built into the plaster. After drying coulored with different brown colours, always becoming lighter.
On one of the house sides the latching group where placed in 2 groups, enought place to add more figure, if there will be sculpted some more. Beside the both tankcrew men, a Fiat Coloniale will be placed.
On the other side some Bersaglierie build up a sandbag position for an Anti Tank gun. Some great rocks have to be removed, and the sandbags have to be filled.
Here the first picture of this project:

Now building and painting the vehicle. All figure are available at Germania Figuren®

will be continued
Ciao Michael

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