Sonntag, 23. August 2015

Internationale Zinnfigurenbörse 2015 - Kulmbach/ Bavaria - Germany

for several months I had not been able to do anything in my hobby and in my webshop. In may 2015 the doctor informed me, that I have chancer , and a number of operation had followed after this information.
But between 2 operation I had been able to go to the International Tin soldier Show in Kulmbach / Bavaria. This show come every twice year and it was fantastic, that I had been able to visit and show my latest releases. All the heartly discussion with friends and collector are a great help in handling the chancer.
On Sunday I go around and make a lot of photo. Not all had been as good as I hope, but the best I want to show here:

It is a mix of different scales. Most of the 1/72 scale photo had not been good enought to share them with you, but I hope you enjoy the great work inside the exhibition, as I have done.

Ciao Michael

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