Mittwoch, 4. November 2015

Painting in the last months

Hi Folks,

long time ago, that I wrote last time here. In May this year I got from my doctor diagnose cancer.
First they try to cut the chancer away, but he he was too fast and had already scattered. So a time of 
chemo theraphy begann.
In the time I am at home I try to work a little on new releases. It had been some time very difficult as I was always tired and exhausted. So not very much had been finished in the last months. Around Christmass the Chemo Theraphy will end , and I hope that I could work as usual in the new year 2016.

Here now the sets I finished in the last months:

this is a new set in Germaia Figuren® range of STEAMPUNK in 1/72 scale. the Postman with his steampowered bike meets the family of ex General Burdon. After losing his leg, he finished his service in her Majesty Army.

The next set bring us to the growing range of SYW (Seven Year War) from Germania Figuren®
This time wounded and dead Austrian Grenzer:
I am happy to anounce that a lot of figure and horses had been sculpted by Giuseppe Condorelli, so we will be able to bring in the next months the complete Austrian Cavalry of SYW with different movements.
The Dragoon, Cuirassiere and Hussar will come in the following position:
1. standing at the ready
2. trotting on march or first part of attack / different handling of sabre
3. Attacke with galloping horses
for each movement there come the complete command group plus the trooper.

Next set is a set of Germania Figuren® range of ACW figure. This time the second set of the Virginia Cavalry:
this time a Sergeant, Trumpeter and 2 trooper. The third set will be 4 trooper to form a individual column to present this Unit under General J.E.B. Stuart on the way to Gettysburg.

The last release is the Horse Drawn Ambulance Wagon of the German Army 1939 - 45 named   in listings SF 2 .
together with the Heeresfeldwagen 7 this is a new line of horse drawn wagon in 1/72 which never had been offered in this scale. Germania Figuren® will bring more and more of this forgotten part of the armys. 
This wagon could conoy the following load :  1. 8 wounded sitting soldier, 2. 4 wounded soldier on stretcher, 3. 4 sitting wounded soldier + 2 soldier on stretcher.
For remebering here the photo of the Heeresfeldwagen 7 in the 2 version which are offered from Germania Figuren®

I hope the next contribution to this blogg will come sooner. Just started some new sets painting, and if Chemo Theraphy is not as bad as last time, I will be able to handle this sets.

Ciao Michael

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